4. NocMig Practice Exercise

NOCMIG PRACTICE – with a genuine 3hr sample

Seán’s old nightly NoMig location on the roof of his apartment in Vic, Catalunya. Listen below for an exciting Autumn session, recorded from this location. Photo: Seán Ronayne.

To put all of your skills to the test, we have uploaded a 3hr 22m sample of very busy nocturnal migration, recorded Oct’ 2020, in Catalunya, for you to work and practice with.

Please click ——> here to download from our Google Drive account.

After following the above link, click the download icon in the top right corner (see image below). Save the file to your desktop, and open in Audacity.

Click on the area highlighted in red to download the NocMig practice file. Photo: Seán Ronayne.

This was one of Seán’s favourite nights of NocMig from Autumn 2020, and even if you are an experienced NocMigger, we recommend you download and give it a try – you’re sure to enjoy it!

A summary table of the species, including an estimate of the numbers of individuals, as well as the total number of calls/species is available upon clicking the button below. Try not to click this until you have analysed the recording for yourself. We recommend you give yourself at least 30-45 minutes to do this. Take your time, making sure not to skip past the more distant, fainter NFCs. Feel free to practice extracting, cleaning and saving audio files from within- enjoy!

PS: Seán makes a cameo or two as he was sitting out and live-listening – marking some of the more interesting species vocally, for review the following morning – so take no notice!

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