Irish Soundscapes

A soundscape doesn’t focus on one singular source, such as a particular bird singing from a perch, but instead looks at the bigger picture and can represent a collection of sounds emitted from an immersive environment or simply the given ambient sound of the surroundings, such as the sound a flowing stream or the rumble and cracks of a storm. Soundscapes can be dominated by birds, sounds of the elements, for example, rain, wind, flowing water, or any combination of these sounds. In time, when COVID restrictions ease, and weather calms we plan to record soundscapes from wild Irish sites/habitats around the country. For now, you can listen to some of the soundscapes we have collected so far.

Dusk soundscape. Although the initial focus is on the Blackbird, the background sounds, particularly Red Fox, as well as the sudden heavy rain, approximately 50 seconds in, add to the atmosphere of this progressives soundscape. Recorded in North Cork, Jan’ 2021. Photo: Seán Ronayne.
Multi-layered sounds of a gently trickling stream, recorded in Cobh, Co. Cork – Jan’ 2021. Photo: C. Fraye.
Softly breaking waves with occasional calls from some roosting Oystercatcher – Cobh, Co. Cork – Jan’ 2021. Photo: Seán Ronayne