Long-billed Dowitcher – Killian Mullarney

Long-billed Dowitcher: a field sketch by Killian Mullarney of a vagrant in Bannow Bay, Co. Wexford.

Long-billed Dowitcher is a rare but annual North American vagrant to Ireland, and unsurprisingly there are very few recordings in existence from the country, or indeed Europe. Saying this, we were delighted to be sent in this rare audio by Killian Mullarney, one of Ireland’s leading bird illustrators, who made it on behalf of The Sound Approach.

Notes from recordist:

“The recording features the multi-syllabic take-off notes (sometimes confused with Short-billed ‘rattle’) followed by a few single note “pliepp” or “keek” calls.”

Calls from a juvenile Long-billed Dowitcher – Bannow Bay, Co. Wexford – 13/10/11 – Killian Mullarney/The Sound Approach