Ring-necked Parakeet – Niall T. Keogh

Ring-necked Parakeets – Fairview, Co. Dublin. Photo: Niall T. Keogh

The (infamous) flock of Ring-necked Parakeets present around Fairview, Co. Dublin have been showing up at a work site where I have been carrying out bird surveys over the past few months. It appears that the two pairs of adults involve escaped birds, but breeding occurred in the wild during 2020 and a juvenile female now tags along with the flock. During winter, the parakeets would spend a lot of time perched in tall trees, often alongside Magpies and Jackdaws. I found it amazing how hard it was to find such brightly coloured birds at times, remaining almost motionless for long periods when perched and only giving up their position once their piercing calls echoed through the air. As the spring approached the paired birds started showing signs of breeding behaviour with allopreening and nest hole investigation. I have seen a lot of Ring-necked Parakeets abroad, in their native range in India and the established feral populations around Lisbon, Nice, Istanbul, Rome and London. Still got a great kick out of seeing them in Dublin, even if I do hope they don’t become abundant here!

Ring-necked Parakeets – Fairview, Co. Dublin. Photo: Niall T. Keogh
Calls from a bird perched at close range with a Magpie calling in the same tree – Niall T. Keogh
A perched bird calling in response to another individual flying past and calling in the background – Niall T. Keogh