Irish Bird Sounds

Sand Martin (Riparia riparia) – a common summer visitor to Ireland, where it breeds in colonies, quite often, as the name suggests, in sand banks. Photo: Seán Ronayne.

The first project, and biggest challenge for Irish Wildlife Sounds is to embark on a long-term, ever-evolving journey to sound-record all of our resident, breeding, wintering, and migrant bird species. Sound-recordings of vagrants, and escapes will be documented opportunistically. Everything will be made publicly available here, as well as on our Xeno-Canto account, with some highlights on our Twitter account. We have organised our bird recordings in accordance with the latest IOC World Bird List, which is also followed by Xeno-Canto and the Collins Bird Guide. To find a particular bird species, firstly, select the appropriate family grouping below, and then find the species within, following current IOC order. Please note that certain families may be missing. If this is the case it simply means we haven’t yet added any representative species from that family yet, but we’re working on it! If you have any queries or notice any errors, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.